Re-opening of shops sooner than planned with new time schedule

Re-opening of shops sooner than planned with new time schedule source: Profimedia

The majority of shops and other establishments in the Czech Republic were opened since Monday, April 27, as a result of Prague Municipal Court decision and the favourable development of the epidemic. The new time schedule for lifting restrictions has been introduced.

The pace of loosening coronavirus related restrictions and measures is faster than originally intended. Initially, the plan of re-opening business, establishments and schools was designated for a much longer period of time. However, as Prague Municipal Court revoked measures of the Ministry of Health, which restricted the free movement of persons, on Thursday, April 24, the newly enacted measures are not so strict. The change is partially caused by the fact that the current development of the epidemic is quite favourable – the daily growth of confirmed patients is steadily decreasing and the number or recovered patients is increasing.

Still, the government will propose the extension of the state of emergency in the Chamber of Deputies. According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, the support for the extension among MPs is not guaranteed yet. The reason is that especially many opposition MPs require valid arguments and concrete plans for fighting the epidemic. Babiš claims there is no other option than extending the state of emergency due to the court decision from Thursday, April 24. Due to the decision it is not possible to introduce restrictions as measures issued by the Ministry of Health since they need to be issued in accordance with the crisis law regime. Therefore, according to Babiš, not extending the state of emergency would therefore mean cancelling all restrictions and measures. The state of emergency is planned to end by the date April 30, provided it is not extended.

In connection to the modified plan for return to the restriction free lifestyle, shops up to 2 500 m2 that are not situated in shopping malls, libraries and gyms are opened since Monday, April 27. However, people still have to take into account minor restrictions – for example it is not possible to try on clothes in shops selling clothing, and it is not possible to use showers and changing rooms in fitness centres. In addition, the number of visitors in fitness centres is also limited – only one person per ten square meters can be in the establishment.

The rest of shops and establishments situated in shopping malls still have to remain closed until May 11. The new play for shop re-opening is following:

Since Monday, April 27

  • Establishments up to 2 500 m2, including tourist information centres, if they are not in shopping malls exceeding 5 000 m2 (does not apply to establishments that will be opened in the next stages)
  • Driving schools
  • Gyms and fitness centres without the use of showers and changing rooms
  • Libraries
  • Zoos, botanical and dendrological gardens (outdoor areas)

Since Monday, May 11

  • All establishments in shopping malls (in case of favourable development of the epidemic and under specific hygienic conditions)
  • Establishments above 2 500 m2, which are not situated in shopping malls
  • Restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, cafes, wine shops, pubs with sale through the dispensing window and also with outdoor seating
  • Barbershop, hairdresser, pedicures, manicures, solariums and services of cosmetics, massages, regeneration and recuperation
  • Museums, galleries and exhibition halls
  • Castles, chateaux, open-air museums (outdoor areas)
  • Outdoor training activities of professional athletes with the exclusion of the public.

Since Monday, May 25

  • Restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, cafes, wine shops, pubs - indoor spaces
  • Hotels, campsites and other accommodation facilities (including their restaurants and cafes).
  • Taxi services (which were not allowed yet)
  • Tattoo and piercing salons
  • Theatres, chateaux, castles and other cultural events under specific conditions
  • Cultural, social and sporting events (number of people will be specified).
  • Recovery and related events for children up to 15 years of age
  • Other loosening, including tourism
  • Weddings under specific hygienic conditions
  • Zoos, botanical and dendrological gardens (including indoor spaces)

During June

  • Other activities will be allowed during June, which will depend on the development of the epidemic.