Up-to-date info: Restriction of free movement of persons

Up-to-date info: Restriction of free movement of persons Source: Profimedia

The Government of the Czech Republic declared the restriction of movement on March 16th, which has been currently extended until April 1st. The restriction contains a number of exceptions.

The restriction of free movement of persons on the territory of the Czech Republic was declared and subsequently extended. However, the restriction contains specific exceptions regarding necessary everyday tasks, care for close person and animals, and also work. The list of exceptions follows.

In addition, since March 24th, it is allowed to stay only in the locality of person’s home, with the exceptions mentioned below, and it is allowed to enter the public space in a group of two maximum, with the exception of household members, performing business and similar activities, and attending funerals, provided that all persons keep the distance of at least 2 meters, if possible.

Exceptions from the restriction of free movement of persons

  • Traveling to work and performing business activities
  • Necessary traveling to your family members and close persons
  • Traveling necessary for securing your basic needs (for example, shopping in order to purchase food, medicine, medical supplies, hygiene products, cosmetics and other drugstore products, pet food and securing other animals’ needs), including the needs of your relatives and close persons, for securing child care, anima care, for using necessary financial and postal services, for refilling fuels
  • Traveling necessary in order to secure needs and services for other persons (for example, volunteering, help in your neighbourhood)
  • Traveling to medical facilities and social care facilities, including situations when it is necessary for you to accompany your relatives and close persons, and traveling to vets
  • Traveling in order to manage necessary official matters, including situations when it is necessary for you to accompany your relatives and close persons
  • Traveling in case of work requirements and activities helping to secure safety and helping to solve emergency situations, protect health, provide medical and social care including voluntary activities, individual spiritual help and services of public transportation and other infrastructure, services of citizens’ needs including supply and delivery distribution, and veterinary practice
  • Visiting of parks and spending time in the open air when distant from habitations  
  • Traveling back to the locality of your residence
  • Attending funerals

Other restrictions

It should be noted that until the end of the state of emergency or cancelation of the order:

  • It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose in all public places and to limit contact with other persons to a necessary minimum.
  • The government reserved shopping hours for seniors above 65 years of age, which are currently from 8 am to 10 am. The reserved hours are valid for shops above 500 m2.