More deaths due to COVID-19 and first medication tested

More deaths due to COVID-19 and first medication tested source: Profimedia

The coronavirus caused three more deaths in the Czech Republic, making the total number four victims. On the bright side, the number of recovered patients also grew, making it 10 cured people, and there is a list of possible medications while one of them was already given to a patient.

The Czech Republic has three more deaths due to COVID-19 disease in last few days, which makes four victims in total. All deceased patients were suffering from other additional health complications. Two patients, who died on Tuesday, March 24th, were a 71-year-old woman treated in a Prague hospital and the other patient was man from Havířov who was previously diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. On Wednesday, another victim was confirmed. The patient was 83-years-old man onesuffering from chronic complications connected to his age.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases is 1 497 and 10 people have successfully recovered. Other patients are being treated with several drugs.

Already on Sunday, March 22nd, the Ministry of Health limited the free sale of Plaquenil drug, which might be proven to be effective against COVID-19, as the Ministry decided to gather as many supplies of the mentioned medicine as possible. Apparently, Plaquenil, which is used primarily against malaria, may contain an effective medication called Hydroxychloroquine. However, the irresponsible use may cause several side effects and more tests in relation to COVID-19 need to be performed.  

Nevertheless, far more promising seems to be an experimental cure remdesivir produced by American company Gilead Sciences thanks to their team led by Czech Tomáš Cihlář. Due to a massive demand the company had to limit the access to the experimental treatment and only pregnant women and people younger than 18 years of age are currently admitted.

One Czech patient in a critical condition with a lung failure is currently being treated with the drug since Tuesday, March 24th.

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