First patient with coronavirus died in the Czech Republic

First patient with coronavirus died in the Czech Republic source: Profimedia

The Czech Republic has its first victim in the coronavirus outbreak. The first infected died on Sunday, March 22nd. The Government officials already declare that the restriction of movement is going to be prolonged.

The first patient with coronavirus died in the Czech Republic. The victim was 95-year-old male from Prague who suffered from several additional health complications, including chronic heart failure and chronic coronary artery disease, accompanied with the need to have a pacemaker. The man lived in a retirement home for elderly persons from where he was moved and diagnosed with COVID-19 at the same day on March 18th. The location where the man got infected is still unknown. The retirement home implemented corresponding measures, secluded other patients and no more infected were reported.

The chief of Central Crisis Staff Roman Prymula commented the unfortunate passing: “The man’s organism was exhausted, he was 95. I would say he rather died with coronavirus than from coronavirus.” Nevertheless, the deceased patient is still considered to be the first victim of COVID-19 in the Czech Republic.

Apart from the first death, there have been 17 377 tests, out of which 1 165 were confirmed positive with coronavirus and six patients were successfully cured.