News in Brief

23. 04. 2020 13:58
Four business and free movement restrictions revoked by Municipal Court in Prague for lack of business compensations, inadequate specialists’ involvement, and not respecting the rule of law.

19. 04. 2020 21:59
Smart quarantine extends to all regions in the Czech Republic since Monday, April 20. The use of memory maps acquired from cell phone and credit card data in not mentioned in the measure.

07. 04. 2020 11:15
The restriction of movement does not apply to doing sports in places: outdoor sports grounds, parks, open space away from habitations, and other publicly accessible places - under several conditions.

03. 04. 2020 22:13
Smart quarantine project will be extended to northern Moravia and Prague.

01. 04. 2020 21:48
Home goods stores offering protective equipment will be open since Thursday, April 2nd.

29. 03. 2020 20:27
Prolongation of state of emergency for another 30 days in consideration.

26. 03. 2020 00:00
Restriction of movement: Allowed group size of two people maximum

26. 03. 2020 00:00
Trips away from home for citizens’ weekend houses are not prohibited, but not advised

26. 03. 2020 00:00
The restriction of movement was prolonged at least until April 1st